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Physiotherapy or physical therapy consists in the application of physical agents through techniques which aim at curing, preventing, recovering and rehabilitating patients. There are many techniques that can be applied in physical therapy to recover the physical and mental integrity of the patient.

At iQtra Medicina Avanzada we apply the most innovative techniques to stay updated and we keep improving them according to scientific advances.


Manual Traction:

Application of any kind of techniques. Therapeutic massage, sports massage and relaxation massage.


Spinal Manual Traction:

Vrtebral and joint manipulation with osteopathic techniques.


Global Postural Correction:

Orthopedic manual analytical methods or global assessment and treatment, empowerment, stretching, and readjustment of the musculoskeletal system. Motor Control and work on the CORE. All this aimed at correcting the body position of the patient.


Joint, Neuro-Meningeal, Visceral and Fascial Mobilizations:

All of these structures have a three-dimensional mobility that must be rehabilitated in case of being altered by an injury.


Abdominal Hipopressive Gymnastics:

(GAH for its name in Spanish): This among other analytical or global methods are applied to reeducate any hip and gynaecological dysfunction (pelvic-floor electrostimulation).


Functional Bandage and Kinesiology Therapy :

This is a neuromuscular bandage that simulates the properties of the skin, works as support to the muscles being able to activate and relax them, helps to eliminate edema, vascular and lymphatic congestion and corrects joint problems while allowing movement.


Dry Needling:

Dry needling is a very effective technique in the treatment of myofascial pain, specifically in the treatment of the so-called myofascial trigger points (MTP), reaching relaxation for the affected muscles and the reduction of local pain. Performed by physiotherapists specialized in myofascial pain.



This is the application of heat or cold respectively. Heat reduces muscle tone and blood flow increases in the area of application. Cold reduces inflammation and slows the transmission of painful stimuli.



it consists in the use of electrical, magnetic or electromagnetic signals through the body. There is a wide variety of currents, whose election will be determined by medical assessment. It help to relieve pain, reduces inflammation of the affected area and improves the range of motion and increases the functionality of the treated area.