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Dr. Villamor, among the most influential health bloggers.

Published on 21.11.17 in iQtra en los medios by iQtra

Doctor Villamor, among the ten most influential Spanish-speaking health bloggers.


The expert in digital marketing, personal and social media brand Yi Min Shum  has studied different Spanish-speaking blogs to establish this classification in which Angel Villamor’s blog appears in the Top Ten. According to the author of this ranking, Dr. Villamor’s blog «shares a lot of interesting information that helps to clear up doubts and sometimes myths. Adapting the exercise to the athlete … and not the other way around, is the article that caught my attention because in many occasions we see exercise as an obligation and we get frustrated. Angel Villamor breaks this paradigm and offers -from his point of view- the importance and the gradual adaptability «.


With more than 2,390.00 visits, Doctor Villamor’s Blog has become an interesting and valuable tool for divulgation, which helps Dr. Ángel Villamor and the entire iQtra Medicina Avanzada team to share knowledge, experience, doubts and successes with all those who care about their health.

Dr. Villamor, traumatologist and medical director of iQtra Medicina Avanzada, decided eight years ago to open this communication platform with his patients. He did it with a post in which he explained the femoro-acetabular shock, an anomaly in the bone morphology of the joint of the hip, described for the first time in 2003, and in whose diagnosis and treatment Ángel Villamor is pioneer and expert. Once the first channel of direct communication with their patients was inaugurated, other followed: Twitter (@iQtra), Facebook and You Tube.


From that moment, Dr. Villamor himself, as well as the specialists of the iQtra team on several occasions, have addressed issues of interest to patients and readers related to sports practice, new developments in arthroscopic and prosthetic surgery, techniques leaders in physiotherapy and osteopathy, the latest in training and teaching and, ultimately, tips to improve the health of the locomotor system. During this time, more than ten thousand questions and queries have been answered, which confirms the importance of this tool to know the concerns of the followers and to help in the preservation of health.


The 200 post published since December 2011 represent an interesting journey through the most important topics related to orthopedic trauma and surgery, recovery and physiotherapy, sports medicine and prosthetic surgery, among many others. Dr. Villamor and the entire iQtra Advanced Medicine team continue to be firmly committed to this blog, which is today among the ten most influential Spanish speakers.