The importance of walking properly


    Study of every foot pathology in coordination with the medical team and applying the most innovative materials.

Bad postures, incorrect movements, deficiencies in sports techniques, congenital malformation or the use of inappropriate footwear, among other causes, can cause injuries to the feet such as bunions, hammer or claw toes, callosities, plantar fasciitis and/or pain in the heel…

Any foot problem causes discomfort and may cause injury of the knee, hip and spine, with a negative progression that without proper treatment can become a chronic injury.
iQtra’s Medicina Avanzada podiatry unit is coordinated with the specialists in orthopedics and sports medicine. Treatments for all pathologies of the foot are offered, as well as for all those ailments that begin in the knees or the spine but are the consequence of stepping badly.

The availability of a multidisciplinary, expert and operative team enables a broader view of the pathologies and allows us to focus on analyzing the therapies in an integral way. Thus, patients are always offered the best solution for the characteristics of their condition. All of this is provided by the technical team and the most innovative materials.

As Leonardo Da Vinci once said “feet are one of the most perfect engineering works ever”. This set of 26 bones and various tendons connect leg muscles and are responsible for carrying our weight when we are standing.

Podology specialties

A precise diagnosis will bring better results and a quick recovery

Sports podiatry
Sports podiatry

At iQtra Medicina Avanzada we are experts in the treating lesions caused by sports activity and its functional re-education. Whether you are a sport professional or an “amateur”, it is a good idea to run a biomechanical exam in order to analyze the sporting gesture and to know how to optimize it. Some personalized podiatry shoe inserts, designed for practicing each type of sport, will help to improve sports efficiency and to prevent lesions derived from physical activity.

Podiatry for infants
Podiatry for infants

If a good treatment is prescribed during childhood, most cases of flat feet or fallen arches in the child can be totally corrected. Thus, we prevent consequences that these may bring during adulthood.

General podiatry
General podiatry

Walking properly and without pain is fundamental to our day-to-day. Bunions, plantar fasciitis, pain metatarsal are just some examples of pathologies that affect the foot and affect our quality of life. In the Podiatry Find the ideal solution for foot pain do not stop your pace of life.


This treatment encompasses the consultations of chiropody, surgical treatments of one or more lesions and skin disorders that affect the skin and the nails of the feet:

  • Onychocryptosis (Ingrown Nails)
  • Onychomycosis (Infection of the nail caused by fungus)
  • Heloma (Callus/Callosity)
  • Hyperkeratosis (Thickening of the outer lawyer of the skin)
  • Papilloma (plantar wart)
Orthopodology (Personalized insoles and podiatry shoe inserts)

After an exhaustive biomechanical exploration and in coordination with the orthopedics or sports doctor that may have recommended plantar support, the podiatrist designs insoles which meet the patient’s requirements in order to treat his/her foot condition. For this purpose, different techniques and materials are used, with the single aim of treating the mechanical-conditions given.

  • Dismetry (Length differences)
  • Muscle shortening
  • Claw toes
  • Personalized Insoles: we use the latest technology to offer our patients the best solution according to their needs and at their earliest convenience. Thanks to our system of plantar support, patients may have their insoles during the first podiatry consultation.
Biomechanical assessment:
Biomechanical assessment:

Study analysis through direct observation and functional testing to see the difference between average gait patterns and a pathology. Dynamic pressure platforms with innovative complementary posturology tests will determine the static and dynamic distribution of the pressure carried by the foot when walking and how these affect the rest of the body.

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