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    Second medical opinion

    No need to move, we keep it simple for you. We take care of picking up and sending any medical report or documentation. We will stay in touch by phone to answer any questions or queries. You will have your assessment within 15 days. Ask for information.

Since 2001 iQtra Medicina Avanzada offers medical and healthcare service proficient in the newest and most sophisticated techniques in Orthopedics, Sports Surgery and Arthroscopy.
Throughout the past years, we have specialized in high-complexity surgical procedures, in patients who require immediate, agile and efficient rehabilitation plus advanced recovery protocols.


Our experience with professional athletes whose condition demand the fastest rehabilitation, has given us the experience to apply advanced medicine and sports orthopedics benefits to every patient.

At iQtra, the team seeks to find the ideal solution to our patients' condition. Therefore, we offer the possibility of having a medical remote consultation in order to get a second opinion.

Which patients can benefit from this service?
A complete medical report

Patients who have been diagnosed with an injury and wish to hear a new medical opinion, as well as those patients who live outside of Madrid and want to know the opinion of our specialists without needing to travel to our clinic have the possibility to choose this second medical assessment.


A high percentage of the musculoskeletal system pathologies we see every day in our consultation may be valued or given an specific and accurate treatment after a second opinion assessment.

You may have in your possession all your medical records and previous diagnostic tests, however it is sometimes indispensable to undertake an assessment in our clinic to be certain about the presumptive diagnosis. In this case, it would not be possible to address a Second Opinion Consultation.  The patient would be informed and the consultation fee would be immediately reimbursed except for the cost of shipping the documentation back.

What are the advantages?
No loss of time or expense of travel

Optimal working conditions and effectiveness of our specialists are guaranteed in our center, as long as the patient is able to come in person to our clinic.


Both our philosophy, our way of understanding medicine and our action protocols include very concrete and specific physical examination of the lesions we have developed over many years of experience. This allow us to get to rapid diagnostic conclusions, so whenever the patient is able to travel, he/she will be provided at iQtra with the best medical care service.


It happens everyday more often that we receive inquiries and requests of foreign patients who wish to know more about their injuries, obtain back up for the assessment their doctors gave him or even start a diagnosis and treatment with our specialists.


There are also some patients in our city or in our country whose situation or physical condition do not allow them to move to our center, so their relatives attend the clinic for a consultation for them. These and other groups of patients are the ones who benefit the most from this service for a Second Opinion Consultation.

How does this service work?
Steps to be followed after your consultation request

We will send you a questionnaire in regards to your health condition. Once it has been filled in detail, our medical team will be able to determine and assess a diagnosis as precise as possible.

We need you as a patient to collect every medical record or recent diagnostic tests (blood tests, X-rays, scans, MRI, bone scans, etc.) you have been performed.  We suggest sending photocopies and keeping the originals. We may need some diagnostic test you have not taken yet; in this case, we would make a prescription for you so that you can send us the results as soon as possible.


If it may proceed, it is possible to receive these reports and tests through digital delivery systems (e-mail, dropbox, wetransfer and other programs that allow us to receive high-resolution images that cannot be sent by conventional e-mail). This way it becomes fast and in addition it is free or has a reduced cost. Furthermore, we avoid the risk of your tests getting physically lost somewhere. When this is not feasible, we will coordinate the pick up of your medical records and tests by courier service at any direction you provide us with.



You can request this service as it follows:



  • On the telephone: (+34) 915104400 or if you prefer, give us your number and we will call you back

I accept the terms and conditions.

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Read terms and conditions for the medical second opinion consultation service here. If you accept, please, print and sign this document and send it back to this email address.

How can i pay this consultation?

Once we have received the questionnaire, the diagnostic tests and the payment has been made, our specialists will analyze your case and will contact you by phone to clarify doubts or some aspects about your condition which could not have been detected up to that time.

The cost of a medical second opinion consultation service is 300€ for patients residing in Spain and 400€ for patients from other countries. The payment can be made by bank transfer. We would provide the data so that patients may proceed with the payment.

Your medical report, after 15 days
Medical report, diagnosis and a treatment plan

Within 15 days counting from the moment in which the documentation has been received by our team and the patient has done the payment, we will contact you to dispatch a medical second opinion report, which will include:

– Your injure diagnosis

– Adequate treatment plan

– Advice and suggestions to complete your treatment: if it is considered necessary to carry out further consultations with other medical specialties, rehabilitation treatment or any suggestion that our specialists consider it would improve your condition.



This document you will receive cannot be considered as a medical report, but it will provide you with information about your pathology. However, it is of course carried out and endorsed by a team of professionals and experts in the field of international orthopedics.