• Recognition awards

    Avant garde treatments

    Recognition awards

    In iQtra Medicina Avanzada we have developed an innovative medical health assistance which has led us to be honored with important recognition awards.

  • European Medal for Merit in Work 2017

    The European Association of Economy and Competitiveness (AEDEEC) has granted iQtra Medicina Avanzada with this award in recognition of his professional career at Spanish and European level.

  • Excellence Sanitary Award 2013

    by the European Institut of Health and Social Well-Being given to Dr. Ángel Villamor, Luis Fernández-Vega, Josep Redón and Valentín Fuster. Four Spanish proficient medicine professionals who stand out for their commitment with orthopedics and dedication to their patients.

  • “Communication Key” 2011

    Dr. Angel Villamor, awarded with the communication key, for his effort in spreading his knowledge in new techniques for orthopedics minimally invasive surgery.

  • Best Ideas 2007

    Award given by the medical newspaper Diario Médico.

  • Best Ideas 2006

    given by the Diario Médico . Pioneering use of adult stem cells for hip prosthesis regeneration.

  • Best Ideas 2005

    given by the Diario Médico for performing the first shoulder prosthesis surgery in Spain, preserving the patient's anatomy.